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In addition to high level grow advice audio pieces, one on one grow personalized consultation, and constant ongoing grow prize giveaways- maybe the most utilized GrowPass Member benefit is the GrowPass Cannabis Product Discounts. These are exclusive discounts for our members only, and they provide massive savings on over a dozen premium cannabis cultivation product brands. Every grower needs supplies, and these exclusive savings can seriously reduce your operating costs from the very first day you join!

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Here you can find a complete list of our current partnered vendors and the exclusive savings they offer to GrowPass Members:

Suite Leaf Nutrients are a scientific blend of veg-anic nutrients, endorsed by the legendary cannabis cultivator Danny Danko. Their proprietary formula is designed to give the plant exactly what it needs- without any unnecessary ingredients or parts. Great for any grow in any medium, they even work great in drip lines! Enjoy 25% off site wide with your GrowPass Membership, and try their award winning Cal-Mag Maxmimizer today!

SoHum is a bio-dynamic potting mix developed to optimize the plants’ genetic potential. In cultivation, the term “bio-dynamic” applies to the understanding that a living soil with beneficial bacteria and fungi directly impacts plant development, emphasizing a natural approach to growing. SoHum Living Soils® is founded on one simple truth: better soil makes it easier to grow just about anything- Growers want to create bigger and better buds, so we give them a better soil!

Fish Sh!t is derived from feeding tilapia a proprietary mix of feed that when digested lends itself nicely to bacteria and microorganism production/growth under proper conditions. Fish Sh!t is the first of its kind ecosystem in a bottle. By introducing a wide variety of beneficial bacteria and microorganisms in to the rhizosphere, Fish Sh!t creates an optimal symbiotic relationship between plant and soil. Increases yield and flavor! Fish Sh!t works with any nutrient line and can help correct mistakes made by many growers.

Rooted Lyfe is the modern day CBD apothecary. Whether you’re shopping CBD for health, beauty, or relaxation- Rooted Lyfe has you covered. Enjoy your GrowPass Member discounts on a wide range of CBD products like topicals, bath bombs, tinctures and more.

Harvest Mutual Seed Bank

Harvest Mutual Group is an online service which provides rare seeds from the top breeders in the industry. Their Founders have over 30 years of combined experience in the industry and are extremely passionate about exceeding your expectations. Enjoy site wide discounts on their wide variety of seed products- perfect to kick start your best grow ever!

Green Craft Distribution

Green Craft Distribution is your one stop shop for cannabis grow accessories, as well as CBD and vape products. Enjoy massive GrowPass Member discounts as you browse their intake fans, microbials, stake ties, organic nutrients and more. Green Craft Distribution has something for every grower!

The Amazing Doctor Zymes Eliminator is a revolutionary green solution that kills and eliminates soft bodied insects, molds and mildews on your indoor or outdoor gardens. Eliminator is a proprietary formula, hand crafted to ensure quality control. Professional Growers use it all year to ensure pest free, mildew free plants. Enjoy your exclusive GrowPass Member discounts on Dr. Zymes products today!

Nute Tools are specifically designed tools to help growers mix their nutrients more easily. With the Nute Tools patented Nute Needle, you can extract exactly the right amount of nutrients from any bottle and apply it to your reservoir, without having to use a measuring cup or pour anything! No more spilled nutes or nasty slimy nutrient containers- buy a nute needle for your grow today!

Dealzer is one of the most comprehensive online hydro stores in existence. Explore and enjoy your GrowPass Member site wide discounts. Shop grow mediums, grow lights, propegation trays, pots, ballasts, nutrients- has just about everything a grower needs to succeed.

Humble Garden, aims to provide cultivators with unique tools that make growing easier. Their first product, the HPS Smartphone Filter, launched in March of 2019. Humbled by the amount of positive reviews received from growers all over the world.

Gorilla Grow Tents are the Tallest, Thickest, and Strongest grow tents ever created. Gorilla’s original grow tent design has revolutionized the growing industry. Grow Strong with best controlled indoor hydroponic or soil growing environment tents, grow tent accessories, and Gorilla Grow Tent apparel for sale.

Atlas Plant Trainer gives you complete control over the way your plants grow -train and support your plants to grow wide, not tall, or any way at all. Bamboo stakes limit your ability to grow in different directions as well as prevent you from getting your plants as close to your lighting as possible. The customization that Atlas Plant Trainer allows will remove the common road blocks bamboo stakes create. Increase yield and efficienctly with The Atlas Plant Trainer.

Cultilux is a leading horticulture light-bulb manufacturer, specializing in ceramic metal halide technology. The quality of your grow light is the greatest ingredient an indoor grower can have to increase the yield and quality of their crop. We are the ONLY manufacturer of the TRUE 600watt and 1000watt CMH lamps. We are confident that our 3k lamps with its enriched red spectrum and safe levels of UV dosage, as well as our 4k lamps, are the only light source needed for the highest quality results.

Danny Danko

Danny Danko, senior cultivation editor at High Times magazine, industry legend and all around amazing guy wanted to give back to our community a little bit, so he joined GrowPass in offering up his books to be signed for BLOOM level members only! This is a great book for beginners, and the experienced grower, because even experienced growers know that you must both revisit the basics and continue learning in order to stay on top of your game. Just go to to get a copy, and then email us at with your personal info, and we will have Danny sign your copy for you!