Ever wonder what it’s like to chat with The GrowCast Crew? Well, you’re in luck!

Each and every month, GrowPass Members get to join a Zoom call and hang with the entire GrowPass crew! That’s right, the first Saturday of each month, Jordan, Wolfman, Rob, and Rhizo Rich hop into an exclusive Zoom room to chat with GrowPass BLOOM and CONTENT Members.

It’s a blast getting to chat back and forth with GrowPass Members, and we love nothing more than helping them solve their cultivation issues, and optimize their garden- in real time no less!

Submit your info below and see what all the hype is about! You’ll get to enjoy this previously recorded hour long GrowPass Ask Me Anything Live Stream which is packed full of content just like one of our podcasts are!


During this hour long AMA, Rich, Rob, Wolfman, and myself answer questions like…


  • How to deal with a plant that’s too tall?
  • Flower vs veg mode on grow light?
  • Most important thing you learned from your first grow?
  • Favorite training technique for a small grow?
  • Other fruits to use for the GrowPass FFJ recipe?
  • Can you put ice in a humidifier to help cool a tent?
  • Cooling a tent/space without AC?

*Please give us your best email address. Winners will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to claim their prize or we will give it to someone else. No exceptions.