Growcast started as a passion project, with Jordan River and Wolfman bringing listeners advice from 20 years of cannabis cultivation experience (at the time) between the two of them. After over 100 episodes and 4 years, Rob Smith brought his entrepreneurial spirit and took the passion project to an “all-time high”.
GrowPass was born to provide premium, curated educational resources and access to experienced cannabis cultivators to elevate your grow game. We’ve added compassion, curiosity, and ingenuity to the team with in house expert Rhizo Rich, along with regular contributions from a wide range of cannabis professionals.

Jordan River created GrowCast in 2014, one of the world’s premier cannabis growing podcasts. With thousands of listeners all over the world, Jordan has established himself as a powerful force in the cannabis media industry. Over the years he has compiled an unrivaled guest list of world famous cannabis cultivators and entrepreneurs. Some of his biggest guests include:

Legendary Cultivator Ed Rosenthal
Cannabis Growing Master Danny Danko
World Famous Ganjapreneur Big Mike
Aquaponics and Soil Science Expert Stephen Raisner
The Legendary Wolfman
And many, many more!

Now Jordan has leveraged all of his biggest interviews and guests and compiled the content into an exclusive collection of powerful grow strategies- available only to GrowPass members.

Rob Smith is a ganjapreneur with a passion for creating value in the cannabis space by inventing new cannabis products, and helping businesses establish systems and processes. His revolutionary plant training product- The Atlas Plant Trainer- is the world’s leading standard when it comes to customizable, optimized plant support systems.

Rob dreamed of creating a cannabis growing membership program that would be a win-win for the grower and the industry- a program that would provide discounts on grow products so deep that the growers would make their membership fees back every month.

Once Rob connected with Jordan in 2018, he was able to leverage all the powerful content and community that GrowCast had built- and thus GrowPass was born.

“Did you know that a portion of every GrowPass Membership fee goes directly to a charitable organization? What an easy and fun way to make a difference in the world!