GrowPass is the world’s premier membership program for cannabis growers. Our wide array of benefits will elevate your cultivation game to another level, and transform your grow into the garden of your dreams!




When it comes to growing cannabis, GrowPass Members know their stuff. Between the GrowPass Member Podcast, the archive of GrowCast and The Homegrown Helpers episodes, and the library of Cultivation Resources- there’s no issue in the garden that a GrowPass can’t solve.

Plus if you run into trouble, you can always hop in the GrowPass Member AMA Live Stream to get your issues fully resolved by Jordan, Wolfman, Rob, and Rich themselves!

Grow Gear

Grow Gear

Our GrowPass $6K Giveaway is truly unrivaled in the cannabis industry- $6,000 in grow gear given away to GrowPass Members each and every quarter! Not to mention our frequent pop-up Member Giveaways- GrowPass Members are WINNING every day!

GrowPass Members also receive access to a whole host of exclusive deep discounts on grow products they use every single day- like grow lighting, pest control, natural soil ammendments, trimming solutions, and much much more!

Grow Gear


The GrowPass Members Only Slack Chat is one of the most helpful, intimate, and positively vibrant corners of cannabis world. You can find Jordan, Rob and Rich in our Member Slack Chat each and every day, interacting with fans, solving their grow issues, and maybe even doling out some special member’s only prizes…

With the GrowPass AMA Live Stream going down each month, and pop-up Members Only Zoom Chats interspersed between- you’ll finally find the growmies you’ve been looking for within the GrowPass Membership Program!


Head change


Growpass and the whole GrowPass has given me the knowledge to move passed a good grower into a more complete grower. I know how I need to identify bugs or other problems with patience instead of throwing everything but the kitchen sink at it. Way cheaper too! I look forward to more podcasts and more jewels being dropped. Thank you guys all of you!!

Matthew M


If you are even thinking about a grow, had an interest to know more about THAT plant or flower in front of you, then LISTEN! You will be doing yourself a favor. Cultivars, how to, what to do, Have a question and want to know more? Become a member! You will learn so much and have a sense of community in the process. Peace my friends.

Danielle M


I haven’t even mentioned the giveaways or discounts offered on the show. I gain first from the information itself but the giveaways and discounts are obviously a wonderful bonus. I enter every one you post. I was one of the lucky winners to receive two bags of the M3 Michigan organic soil (and a little swag). I couldn’t have been more excited or grateful. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to keep learning and burning with you guys. Thanks for everything.

Kyle A


I love being a member of GrowPass because you don’t just talk about cannabis you guys talk about the cannabis world and everything in it. I really want to personally thank you guys for everything that you do and helping people in the community with growing you guys are awesome at what you do.

Ben K


This has been the best purchase/subscription I have ever joined! In the first month of being a flower grow cast member, I won a multitude of goodies! Thank you all for all you do!

GrowPass Charity Program

Every month we donate a portion of your GrowPass Membership to a charity that we feel can make a difference in this world. We’re excited to form a long term partnership with the:

Minority Cannabis Business Association


National Cannabis Industry Association

This long term sponsorship is a focus on NCIA’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, and will be helping members & listeners who have been adversely affected by the war on drugs and are looking to take that next step in their cannabis career by securing them an NCIA membership and mentorship.



John D.

cannabis enthusiast and medical patient

Wow! I never knew I could learn so much about growing! And the whole science and history behind it… Lots of really good facts and tips for beginners to pros!


cannabis grower

Informative and entertaining. The host is articulate and concise in his questions, and the guests are top notch!

Dylan C.

brand new cannabis grower

I recently moved to a legal grow state… Learned a ton and really enjoyed it. Thank you for all you do!