GrowPass was created by Rob Smith and Jordan River, two long time cannabis growers with a passion for empowering home growers and creating value in the cannabis cultivation industry. Unsatisfied with the cannabis growing membership programs available, Rob and Jordan set out together to create the world’s most comprehensive, valuable, and exclusive cannabis growing club on the planet.


Track the operation’s data, understand cultivation space and analyze your harvest! Remember Pearson’s Law, “That which is measured, improves!”

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The informative content and deep grow product discounts included in the GrowPass member program are extremely valuable and highly exclusive. Whether you’ve been working in your garden for ten years or ten days, GrowPass is designed to improve your grow beyond your wildest dreams.

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GrowPass Charity Program

Have you heard about The Ongoing GrowPass Charity Program? One of our core values at GrowPass is spreading the love- and now we can do just that! The more the program grows, the more we give. What an incredible opportunity to make a difference in the world!

Each month GrowPass donates $1 per Veg Member, and $2 per Bloom Member to a charitable organization, which we switch quarterly!

Our current charity partner for

April 1st 2020 – June 30th 2020


New England Veteran’s Alliance , Cultivating Veterans Since 2015!

NEVA is an organization dedicated to helping veterans of all conflicts, with an emphasis on helping treat PTSD with clean, self grown cannabis.

Now GrowPass Members get to enjoy that warm fuzzy feeling, knowing that a portion of their membership fees are going to a charitable cause, each and every single month!

If you’re ready to try out the incredibly valuable GrowPass Membership Program, and start contributing to our compassionate charity partners today, head on over to the SIGN UP now!


Listen to Jordan, Wolfman, and Travers dispense growing advice on the GrowCast Podcast

Since 2014, Jordan River has had a passion for helping to educate cannabis growers on the highest leverage cultivation tips and strategies available. After creating GrowCast Podcast, Jordan teamed up with The Legendary Wolfman, an experienced cannabis grower with over 12 years of experience in the cannabis cultivation and hydroponic retail industry. With the help of Wolfman, Jordan has built a podcast that attracts some of the most innovative and experienced minds in the cannabis industry. From world famous ganjapreneuers like Big Mike and Joshua Haupt, to aquaponic experts and microbial specialists like Stephen Raisner, Joshua Rutherford and Colin Bell- Jordan has picked the brains of some of the worlds best and brightest cannabis cultivators. GrowCast has served in building relationships with not only powerful guests and figures in the cannabis industry, but also great business relationships with some very innovative and valuable cannabis cultivation brands.

When Rob Smith joined GrowCast in early 2019, he envisioned a way to leverage all of the effort Jordan and Wolfman have put into the podcast for five years. Rob wanted to take the most informative powerful grow content, combine it with the highest level business discounts we can ask of our business partners, and package it into a grower membership program designed to take your operation to the next level.

After months of preparation, it’s finally here. GrowPass has arrived- and it includes everything you need to totally optimize your grow. Exclusive informational audio content and interviews, informative articles, huge member-only discounts on over a dozen grow product brands, and over $5,000 in grow product prizes given away to cannabis growers every quarter- all of these amazing perks are just the start of the GrowPass Membership Program. Rob and Jordan are working hard every day to bring on bigger and better discounted vendors, and provide even more cutting edge grow tips and strategies in all forms of media.



John D.

cannabis enthusiast and medical patient

Wow! I never knew I could learn so much about growing! And the whole science and history behind it… Lots of really good facts and tips for beginners to pros!


cannabis grower

Informative and entertaining. The host is articulate and concise in his questions, and the guests are top notch!

Dylan C.

brand new cannabis grower

I recently moved to a legal grow state… Learned a ton and really enjoyed it. Thank you for all you do!